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Keys to Success in Commercial Real Estate

In a recent Nashville Business Journal article Lizz Kabat, who heads Kabat Real Estate Solutions, says, “Be humble, appreciative and honest” are the keys to success in the commercial real estate business. Whatever deal is at hand, it’s important to be kind and the client will always remember that unique agent. To become successful in the commercial real estate business in today’s world is all about the expansion of technology.

 At the Horrell Company, we also believe being one step ahead of the ever changing technology market will lead to profound success. Lizz Kabat says, “Clients expect more information today, instantly.” Working in the commercial real estate business it’s important to reach the public with new property listing as quickly as possible. The Horrell Company is currently in the mix of using technology in a different way than any other commercial real estate business in Nashville has ever done before. Stay tuned for the exciting new ways properties can be viewed virtually on our website and Youtube!