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Study Predicts Huge Growth For Downtown Nashville

Study Predicts Huge Growth For Downtown Nashville

Photo by Kate O

A recent study predicts huge growth for downtown Nashville, especially in retail and office spaces. The new study commissioned by the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency projects demand for about 400,000 square feet of new office space and 500,000 square feet of retail space over the next several years.  The growing national trend favoring a return to downtown areas provides Nashville the perfect opportunity for urban development.  According to the study, “The best and brightest opportunities exist for Downtown Nashville” only if “the appropriate environment is established”

“That environment includes a combination of reasonable land prices, supportive public and private transportation networks, available parking, an attractive physical environment that celebrates the unique history and marketing “identity” of Downtown-area districts; and safe and walk-able neighborhoods that offer housing, retail and other amenities attractive and affordable to target markets.”

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