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Use of Mobile Devices Increases for Commercial Real Estate Professionals


photo by mbiebusch

In the commercial real estate world, technology typically moves at a far slower pace than in residential real estate, however, according to a recent study by inMotion Real Estate, commercial real estate professionals are expected to double their incorporation of mobile tools into their business within the next few years.

More than ever before people are accessing websites through their smartphones and tablets and having a mobile friendly website is becoming more important to CRE companies.

According to the study:

• Between 2011 and 2012, mobile usage in commercial real estate grew by 61%.
• On average, 9% of total website visits in 2012 were through mobile devices – a 225% increase from 2012
• By 2013, mobile phones & tablets will be the most commonly devices used to access websites in the U.S.
• By 2015, out of all handsets sold in mature markets, an astounding 80% will be smartphones.